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War of Internet Addiction 网瘾战争

At the World Craft: The Business and Culture of Gaming in East Asia conference we were shown a  machinima made by Chinese World of Warcraft players entitled ‘War of Internet Addiction’ 网瘾战争’ (see the full video here with translation).  The drama/documentary covers a number of issues facing WoW players in China over the past couple […]

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“exergaming” at the intersection of health and technology

We came across this story on “exergaming” on the BBC a few days ago and thought we could both contribute something from our respective disciplines.  This new study is an EPSRC funded project called “Development and evaluation of an ‘exergaming’ intervention to target cardiovascular and quality of life outcomes in a deprived area of the […]

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Economic Assemblages

A topic of interest for games researchers on multiple levels is the massive economic downturn that began in 2008.  Many are wondering how the crisis is affecting online gaming revenue both in terms of how many people are heading to places like LAN centres to play as well as how the crisis is affecting the RMT (real money […]

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