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Anxious Objects: Crime and Punishment in China

Economic development in China is producing some of the greatest income disparity the world has seen. Growing along the inequality is a pervasive and palpable anxiety around political corruption, the abuse of power by the ultra-wealthy, and the difficulties for the average citizen to attain economic security in the midst of the fastest growing economy […]

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War of Internet Addiction 网瘾战争

At the World Craft: The Business and Culture of Gaming in East Asia conference we were shown a  machinima made by Chinese World of Warcraft players entitled ‘War of Internet Addiction’ 网瘾战争’ (see the full video here with translation).  The drama/documentary covers a number of issues facing WoW players in China over the past couple […]

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The benefits of a university education in China

There is an ongoing concern in China about the lack of jobs available for university graduates, however for those who do manage to find a job, what kind of benefits can they expect for their years of hitting the books? Apparently, not much to begin with.  Recent college graduates are looking at salary about 300 […]

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