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Upcoming Conference: World Craft: the Business and Culture of Gaming in East Asia

I am pleased to have been invited to give a talk at the upcoming conference “World Craft: The Business and Culture of Gaming in East Asia“.  The conference is sponsored jointly by the  Chinese Studies, Center for (CCS), Japanese Studies, Center for (CJS), Korean Studies, Center for (CKS), Institute of East Asian Studies, and the Berkeley Center for […]

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‘Girl’ Gamers in China

The latest China Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) report was published in October.  One part of the report which some business news sites have taken interest in, deals directly with women gamers in China.  The report does not go into great detail but they note that female gamers now represent 39.8% of all users and […]

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June 2009 Casual Gaming Stats

A new report was released recently giving some hard data on the most popular casual online games in China, something we hear little about in our news about  gaming in China. These data thus excludes a whole set of extremely popular games in China like魔兽世界/World of Warcraft.  This data comes from client software that is […]

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