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The benefits of a university education in China

Cartoon comparing the salaries of Chinese migrant workers to Grad Students

Closing the gap (source: Chinasmack.com)

There is an ongoing concern in China about the lack of jobs available for university graduates, however for those who do manage to find a job, what kind of benefits can they expect for their years of hitting the books? Apparently, not much to begin with.  Recent college graduates are looking at salary about 300 yuan ($45) more than migrant workers:  “Statistics for 2003, 2005 and 2008 showed that the average starting salary of college graduates stayed around 1500 yuan per month, but monthly wages for migrant workers rose from 700 yuan to 1200 yuan. Of course, these statistics do not diminish the possible utility of a university education nor imply what a degree may mean for your salary over the long term, but they do help contextualize the decisions that many young Chinese citizens face between pursuing higher education and beginning to work (if that option is present)(Chinsmack via Southern Weekend).

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  1. JohnnyCashMachine says:

    the value of higher education is certainly being questioned, not just in China. I guess it depends on what you want to achieve – the only measure you’ve equated a college degree to is monetary compensation. You haven’t considered all the other niceties that come with a college degree (self-fulfillment, critical reasoning, knowledge about the world). I doubt people in China are going to school because of the persumed increase in pay. The gap, sir, is a social divide, which money cannot fully remedy.

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