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The Geopolitics of Chinese Passports

Image copyright: Kostya Kis, from stock.xchng.

A pithy example of the power of a few maps to stir up a good discussion.

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  1. Matty says:

    Very interesting. I would have expected, with the tone of the article, that the final outcome would be different than it ultimately proved or proves to be. However, I wonder how much of a role human rights records play into this. If I was to judge by the Olympics I would say that when it comes to economics, human rights don’t seem to count for much these days, and certainly other countries have just as bad records, but it makes me wonder nonetheless.

    Based on a strictly political standpoint, I can see certain allusions to the Russian situation, but the tone of the article would seem to indicate that the situation should be changing. I suppose we’ll have to see. In the meantime… more money from tourist Visas… wooo!

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