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two themes for the ‘Chinese’ Web

Theme number one

There are two major themes that frame the discussion of the net in China.  One is the familiar set of censorship and control, the newer one is that of internal development (often discussed as dependent on the exclusion of external products for its success).  Do you anticipate these themes changing as the mobile market (w/ internet access as a mainstay) continues its rapid growth? Or are we simply going to see much of the same?

A couple of readings:

  1. Cartier, C., Castells, M., & Qiu, J. L. (2005). The Information Have-Less: Inequality, Mobility, and Translocal Networks in Chinese Cities. Studies in Comparative International Development, 40(2), 9-34.
  2. Qiu, J. L., & Liuning, Z. (2005). Through the Prism of the Internet Cafe: Managing Access in an Ecology of Games. China Information, 19(2), 261-297.

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