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you nostalgia you lose, Chinese edition


Hei Mao Jing Zhang (Sergeant Black Cat)

“You nostalgia you lose” is a popular thread on English discussion forums like 4chan.org.   This kind of thread follows the general  “you ___ you lose” structure.  Other examples include  “you fall in love you lose”,  where forum users post pictures of individuals they find particularly attractive, or the ever popular “you rage you lose”, where particularly annoying YouTube videos or images are shared.  Within these threads users compete to find the most attractive, offensive or nostalgic image/video and in the process create some quite entertaining and absurd discussions.

Apparently, the same style of thread makes rounds on  Chinese forums as well.   A popular post on tt.mop.com, which started on January 7th,  provides a very interesting glimpse into some of the iconic pop culture references for post-Mao generations in China.  Check it out,  some of the images might surprise you.  As my friend Steve succinctly put it after looking at the thread:  “Beakman’s World? LOL”.

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